I am happy to speak at events, seminars and conferences on any Internal Communications topics, but with a specific expertise on the Digital Workplace and Enterprise Social. Drop me a line to discuss.


The best of Progressive IC is available to purchase as a paperback or ebook.

The majority of blog posts at Progressive IC are free to read and will remain so; but the book provides additional content on a range of key subjects.

‘Practical tips and guidance for Internal Communicators, HR professionals, Line Managers and Business Leaders on a range of Internal Communications, Culture, Employee Engagement and Change topics. There is a specific focus on The Digital Workplace and Enterprise Social.

‘A practical guide for Internal Communicators’ is an in depth look at how Internal Communications theory can be used in practice – with a focus on trying to find innovative ideas. It also brings clarity to the link between engagement and communication and is a guide through the maze of culture and change.’

‘A practical guide for Internal Communicators’ is useful for anybody that wants to understand more about how Internal Communications drives Employee Engagement and how a Social Culture can help influence collaboration and authentic content strategies.’

‘A practical guide for Internal Communicators’ is priced at £8.99 (plus 10% discount) as a paperback (Lulu) or £6.49 as an eBook (Amazon).

Progressive IC book

Buy as a paperback book


Purchase through Amazon for Kindle, Ipad and Iphone



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