I am a digital first Internal Communications and Employee Experience Leader with extensive experience in senior roles at global FTSE100 organisations. I have also built Internal Communications functions from scratch in start up roles and am a strong advocate of a growth and entrepreneurial mindset.

I am a Digital specialist with an extensive knowledge of Internal Communications and Digital Workplace technologies. I have architected multiple channel strategies and have a deep understanding of how Internal Communications aligns to the wider Employee Experience.

I have led two enterprise wide Digital Workplace projects using Microsoft Technologies, winning a Communicate Magazine Internal Communications and Engagement (ICE) Gold Award for Best Intranet in 2022 at Entain Group along the way.

I am passionate about the Employee Experience and like to look beyond my Internal Comms lens to make sure experiences and journeys are connected across a business. In the digital world, where there are so many transactions an employee has to complete every day, it is important that news and content reaches people ‘in the flow of work’ and doesn’t become a disruptive or time consuming activity.

I started my agile-ic blog in 2012 with a strong emphasis on digital and a future focus. I strongly believe in agility inside a business, and believe that Internal Comms should be an agile discipline. Having worked as a Product Owner I have worked with agile methodology and think that the test and learn, iterative mindset enables you to get products and channels to people quickly. And learning as you go enables you to shape and change things to suit an evolving business.

It is important that Internal Communications is a ‘fleet of foot’ discipline and can react to what is happening inside a business. Agile practices such as daily stand ups and sprints are a really effective way to manage both channels and content for any Internal Comms team.

What you will find at agile-ic are the things I have learnt from a diverse career in Internal Communications. There are plenty of practical tips on how to build a future proof Internal Communications playbook fit for the digital age. I will always strive to keep a future focus as technology and a changing workforce will keep disrupting how we do things today.

The expectation of employees is continually changing. Authenticity is incredibly important inside a business and with social tools now amplifying employee voice the role of Internal Communicators is shifting from content creators to content facilitators. The quality of Internal Communications and Campaigns is shifting more and more towards what an external customer expects – and I hope agile-ic can help to give some tips on how to make those ‘moments that matter’ inside organisations really stand out.

As well as my passion for Internal Communications and the Employee Experience, I am also a football writer. I write about Liverpool FC and have been a regular columnist for the club website, and had my work featured across a variety of online media. I have also featured on TV and Radio to talk about the club

If you have any questions on agile-ic or want to talk to me about my football writing, please drop me a line.


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