I am the Internal Comms Digital Channels, Content & Planning Lead for GVC Group and have extensive experience in different FTSE100 organisations.

I have an expertise in the Digital Workspace and have led two successful rollouts of Yammer in different businesses. I have a strong understanding of both the technology (including MS365) and cultural aspects of digital transformation and user adoption.

In addition to the rollout of an enterprise social tools, I have also created an in house TV channel that is the mechanism for employees to create and share content – aligning to an ambition to be a socially enabled business.

I started working in Internal Communications in 1998 and have been fortunate to work across sectors and industries. I have worked across PR disciplines including PR, media, events and stakeholder relations.

My belief is that Internal Communications is the facilitator for conversation & collaboration in business and has the critical role of translating business strategy into digestible messages for employees. In my view Internal Communication is the primary driver behind Employee Engagement; and influences the heart of business by taking the vision – aligning brand and behaviours – and turning it into a story to for employees to unite behind.

I am also a strong advocate of progressive communication and have a very clear idea about how a social culture drives conversation, collaboration and innovation.

I have built two Internal Communications functions from scratch in large and diverse organisations against a backdrop of growth through merger and acquisition. This made cultural change the norm and presented challenges in finding a solution to embedding a culture and managing change in fast paced, dynamic business environments.

I started writing my blog Progressive IC in September 2011 to share my insights into how you can translate Internal Communications theory into practice. I have worked from within HR, Marketing, and Corporate Communications so I have been able to combine those perspectives into an overarching view of how Internal Communications can operate strategically and successfully.

I am passionate about innovation in business. Social presents real opportunity to change the landscape of workplace communications. Good communication has a key role to play in organisational success; but it’s the innovative ideas that will give businesses a competitive edge.

I am also a football blogger and have written for Liverpool Football Club. I have contributed to a number of football publications, websites & podcasts. I am a member of the Liverpool FC blogging and Twitter community; @sisteers.

Please drop me a line if you would like to speak to me about any of the topics I discuss in my blog posts.


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