Internal Comms & Digital: Friends or Foes?

One of the key drivers behind becoming a ‘digitally enabled’ business is the alignment with your culture – it is a movement away from traditional working practices, and traditional ways of communicating and engaging employees. The latter is a challenge to Internal Communications and HR functions that actually play a critical role in creating a … Continue reading Internal Comms & Digital: Friends or Foes?

Enterprise Social: a different way of storytelling

The introduction of Enterprise Social into the workplace has transformed how organisations communicate and engage with employees. Depending on the maturity of your social culture, there is now far more scope for employees to generate content and create more of a bottom up and less of a top down method of storytelling. This has huge … Continue reading Enterprise Social: a different way of storytelling

The Digital Workplace

The workplaces of today will likely look very different in five years. More organisations are starting to look to digital as a mechanism to create a better, more agile and collaborative workplace. Digital has always had a role in the workplace, but with the evolving world of social tools and new technologies, there is a … Continue reading The Digital Workplace

Internal Communities

One of the key roles of an internal communicator has always been to understand and effectively segment organisational audiences. As organisations evolve and social becomes a more dominant factor there is a new role for Internal Communicators to look beyond traditional audience segmentation and understand the role of internal communities in business. Internal communities have … Continue reading Internal Communities

Engaging in an agile world

The way businesses operate is changing. Traditional working practices are slowly being changed as businesses begin to recognise that agile working offers a lower cost, more productive alternative. Agile working is an enabler for businesses to operate in a more productive and efficient way by empowering employees to work to a more outcome based model … Continue reading Engaging in an agile world

#Hashtags as an Internal Communications tool

With the introduction of social tools into the workplace there are real opportunities for Communications teams to use hashtag marketing techniques for internal campaigns and to create engaging signposts for key business behaviours such as collaboration and innovation. Hashtag marketing has become a very effective tool in the external social environment, with businesses being able … Continue reading #Hashtags as an Internal Communications tool

Building a social culture

Before you look at deploying social tools in your business, you may need to take a step back and look at the cultural aspect of social media. The primary benefit of social media in business is to facilitate better collaboration and conversation; using tools as a mechanism to ‘connect’ people with the objective of achieving … Continue reading Building a social culture

The case for social tools internally

The way in which businesses communicate and collaborate is changing. It is a natural evolution; it is an alignment with how society is evolving and how social tools are becoming an integrated part of every day life. There is still a place for traditional communications in business; and the social revolution will likely make some … Continue reading The case for social tools internally

Social media for business leaders

Social Media is an evolving part of workplace culture and can be an asset to business leaders in storytelling and managing profile. The real benefit of social media is increased collaboration in business; so it is a tool that has more tangible benefit from the ‘bottom up’ rather than a ‘top down’ communication channel. Social … Continue reading Social media for business leaders