As more businesses move towards a Digital Workplace and new ways of working, the driver behind change is going to be a mix of technology and people. The technology will act as an enabler for better collaboration and a virtual workspace – but it is the culture of a business that will drive the behaviour for adoption.

Many businesses will find that new technology will create an initial surge of interest and excitement, but without a clear and robust adoption strategy, usage will drop off if there is no clear value.

The deployment of technology has to be aligned to the mobilisiation of people, for adoption to be a success; a network of Digital Champions should be a fundamental part of any approach. These could be people in a business that have a keen interest in digital and social, and can work across horizontal lines to influence employees.

Digital Champions can be important in employees adopting new tools, and in creating a social culture. The areas they will provide real value include:

Digital Gurus

There are people in any organisation that instinctively ‘get it’ when it comes to digital and new technology. They will be your early adopters and a vital network of influencers that work horizontally across a business to educate others and instigate cultural change.

Digital champions are also digital storytellers; they have a role in playing out your digital story to colleagues and guiding behaviour.

For the full article please see the Progressive IC book.

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