Think Agile. Think Differently.

Although agile methodology has its roots firmly in technology – specifically software development – it is becoming a key part of an operating model for businesses that are keen to grow and move at pace. Agile is actually a mindset not a methodology; yes there are project principles that define what it means to be … Continue reading Think Agile. Think Differently.

The death of the Intranet: rise up the Digital Workplace

Technology is changing the way we do things in every aspect of life, especially at work. The digital revolution is upon us in the workplace and we need to rethink how that is disrupting the employee experience and more specifically how our employees consume and interact with content, each other and the business. Traditionally the … Continue reading The death of the Intranet: rise up the Digital Workplace

Influencers inside the workplace

A key trend that has been emerging is the growth of Social Media influencers and how they are disrupting traditional ways of the way businesses look at marketing, the authenticity of an influencer as a trusted voice can give brands a significant edge in competitive markets. Many businesses don’t yet have the maturity or in … Continue reading Influencers inside the workplace

Office 365: Greater than the sum of its parts

With many organisations now moving towards a Digital Workplace strategy it can be overwhelming when scanning the market place for solutions. Collaboration and social tools for the enterprise have exploded and the market place is extremely crowded. In the rush to innovate, there is still a role for simplicity in how organisations can and perhaps … Continue reading Office 365: Greater than the sum of its parts

The rise of the Digital Newsroom

Organisational storytelling has long been a function of a traditional internal communications function, but as organisations continue to adapt to a digital and social age, the model of storytelling is changing. The lines between internal and external communication are very quickly blurring – and that means a different model for generating content. The Newsroom Model … Continue reading The rise of the Digital Newsroom