How to create a great Internal Communications experience

In the modern workplace creating a world class employee experience is a key factor in recruiting and retaining the best talent, and a huge driver of engagement. A great employee experience is influenced by multiple touch points inside an organisation, and there is no silver bullet or one area that can do it in isolation. … Continue reading How to create a great Internal Communications experience

Think Agile. Think Differently.

Although agile methodology has its roots firmly in technology – specifically software development – it is becoming a key part of an operating model for businesses that are keen to grow and move at pace. Agile is actually a mindset not a methodology; yes there are project principles that define what it means to be … Continue reading Think Agile. Think Differently.

The death of the Intranet: rise up the Digital Workplace

Technology is changing the way we do things in every aspect of life, especially at work. The digital revolution is upon us in the workplace and we need to rethink how that is disrupting the employee experience and more specifically how our employees consume and interact with content, each other and the business. Traditionally the … Continue reading The death of the Intranet: rise up the Digital Workplace

Influencers inside the workplace

A key trend that has been emerging is the growth of Social Media influencers and how they are disrupting traditional ways of the way businesses look at marketing, the authenticity of an influencer as a trusted voice can give brands a significant edge in competitive markets. Many businesses don’t yet have the maturity or in … Continue reading Influencers inside the workplace

Digital Content in the Workplace

Digital transformation is a focus for most organisations – ‘going digital’ has many facets, it isn’t just about the technology – it is also about culture and the content. The Digital Workplace is the inward looking part of transformation; the focus is on enabling employees to work in more agile and efficient ways. Although the … Continue reading Digital Content in the Workplace

Internal Comms & Digital: Friends or Foes?

One of the key drivers behind becoming a ‘digitally enabled’ business is the alignment with your culture – it is a movement away from traditional working practices, and traditional ways of communicating and engaging employees. The latter is a challenge to Internal Communications and HR functions that actually play a critical role in creating a … Continue reading Internal Comms & Digital: Friends or Foes?

The Digital Workplace

The workplaces of today will likely look very different in five years. More organisations are starting to look to digital as a mechanism to create a better, more agile and collaborative workplace. Digital has always had a role in the workplace, but with the evolving world of social tools and new technologies, there is a … Continue reading The Digital Workplace