Employee engagement is a very subjective concept; what drives engagement can be unique to the culture of any particular organisation. That makes defining engagement a challenge; and also understanding the drivers that will influence engagement.

Broadly speaking; my definition of engagement can be classified as the ‘relationship between a business and its people’. Within that relationship; there will be core engagement drivers. The six drivers that I use to define engagement are as follows:

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4 thoughts on “The six drivers of employee engagement

  1. I think you make some very good points here. However, I am not sure I understand why you think that employee engagement drivers will differ in every organisation. The six drivers you identify are, it seems to me, generic to all organisations at the level of the driver itself. Clearly, differing cultures will require organisations to pursue engagement in different ways, and both managers and individuals will react differently and therefore need to be treated differently. But any organisation embarking on a project to develop and engaged work force will need to address these 6 drivers one way or another.


    1. Thanks Peter. I think you may have articulated what I was essentially trying to say. That whilst the drivers maybe the same in every organisation; the approach to engagement will depend on culture.


  2. Excellent points. Especially your mention of “Good communications should be part of an organisations cultural dynamic; driven by the CEO and Leadership; facilitated centrally by Internal Communications; and delivered on the ground by Line Managers.”


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