What does good Internal Communications look like? How can you measure whether or not your Communications are effective? Internal Communications is often an intangible business function. Whilst most leaders understand its value add; it is often difficult to provide data on where and how the function directly influences a business.

Internal Communications touches every point in a business; and if it sits within the right structure will have a holistic view of activity and can help to shape and drive the business agenda. But how do you demonstrate where Internal Communications has made a difference?

In a commercial environment there is a need for IC practitioners to stay ahead of the game when pitching ‘added value’ to leaders. Leaders will determine good IC by commercial outputs; but it is important that you do not lose sight of the subtle as well as the commercial benefits of Internal Communications.

One method to use is to work with your leaders to determine what good Internal Communications looks like for your business. What are your success criteria? An alignment with Employee Engagement is a good starting point.

The following five metrics are a good starting point for defining “What good Internal Communications looks like”.


For the full article please see the Progressive IC ebook.


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