With the introduction of social tools into the workplace there are real opportunities for Communications teams to use hashtag marketing techniques for internal campaigns and to create engaging signposts for key business behaviours such as collaboration and innovation.

Hashtag marketing has become a very effective tool in the external social environment, with businesses being able to build marketing campaigns around key words through different social tools, but mainly through Twitter.

The workplace version of Twitter is Yammer; it works in a similar way but is perhaps more of a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook rather than purely a micro-blogging tool. One of the features of Yammer is the functionality to hashtag key words to group conversations. But hashtag marketing isn’t unique to Twitter or Yammer; it can cut right across all social tools.

This can be a useful way to group conversations across a specific topic that cuts across different groups on Yammer, but the value of the hashtag is very much in developing a social element to campaigns and communications in your business.

These are three specific areas where hashtag marketing can add value to a business behaviour or activity.


One of the biggest challenges for businesses in an agile world is collaboration; there is an increasing reliance on digital to act as the primary solution for employees to collaborate effectively. But using social tools isn’t always an instinctive behaviour for all employees; they sometimes need to be guided.

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