Digital Content in the Workplace

Digital transformation is a focus for most organisations – ‘going digital’ has many facets, it isn’t just about the technology – it is also about culture and the content. The Digital Workplace is the inward looking part of transformation; the focus is on enabling employees to work in more agile and efficient ways. Although the … Continue reading Digital Content in the Workplace

The Multiple Meanings of Agile

Agile is very much the buzz phrase of the moment in most organisations, it can be confusing at times when new ideas emerge like agile working, especially if you work in a Digital or Technology role where agile methodology means something completely different. Due to the nature of working in Communications, you often find that … Continue reading The Multiple Meanings of Agile

The Digital Workplace

The workplaces of today will likely look very different in five years. More organisations are starting to look to digital as a mechanism to create a better, more agile and collaborative workplace. Digital has always had a role in the workplace, but with the evolving world of social tools and new technologies, there is a … Continue reading The Digital Workplace

Three common cultural challenges in business

There are a number of factors that will determine success or failure in business; and each one of those factors will probably be determined by your organisational culture. Each organisation is different; and as a general observation many organisations may reflect the personality of the person leading the business. It is at the leadership level … Continue reading Three common cultural challenges in business

Turning your strategy into a story

One of the most important roles for Internal Communications in business is translating organisational strategy into a digestible narrative for employees. Most successful businesses will have a clear roadmap to what success looks like in the mid to long term. Sharing that roadmap with employees and engaging them on how they fit into it and … Continue reading Turning your strategy into a story