There are a number of factors that will determine success or failure in business; and each one of those factors will probably be determined by your organisational culture. Each organisation is different; and as a general observation many organisations may reflect the personality of the person leading the business. It is at the leadership level the tone for culture is set.

Culture challenges exist in every business, and they can be a positive influence for change. It is important that organisations do not sit still; it should be the objective of all businesses to take an evolutionary approach to cultural definition – driven by a set of broad principles (values and behaviours).

By constantly refreshing your culture, you will drive out the new ideas and renewed energy that will help drive growth and engagement.

I have found that the three biggest cultural challenges in business can possibly be categorised as:

Fear of failure

It is an easy trap to fall into; no person or business wants to risk failure, even if it is in the pursuit of success. The fear of failure is something that can cripple a business if it becomes embedded into your culture.

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